Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar, who was himself struggling with obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other related disorders for many years. After extensively observing his own behaviour patterns along with those of others, over a period of 10 years, Sid found that the key lies in childhood conditioning, current psychological status, current cultural status in addition to past and current dietary patterns.

These findings Sid used on himself, changing his lifestyle, nutrition, conditioning and many other aspects of his being, ending up successfully losing over 40 kilos, and putting his diabetes and hypertension into reversal, without any specialist intervention. He’s now off all medication, and has kept off the excess weight for over two years and running. He’s also written a book that answers weight loss questions.

Sid has a background in software research and development for medical electrophysiological diagnostics, has extensively studied and written on food and its consumption, (over a million words) has completed prescribed courses of study on nutrition, children’s nutrition, diabetes management, obesity management and nutrition during pregnancy among others, in addition to being a master trainer for various behavioural programmes for personal change.

Sid’s posts are meant to provide accurate information that’s easily digestible by most readers without needing to find a dictionary.┬áIn this age of serious medical issues being attributed to mostly incorrect causes and being provided equally incorrect solutions via social media, what he does is study published research papers relevant to the context and summarise their findings in his posts. If you’re interested in details, please go through the references cited.