Areas of Intervention

Life continues to throw all kinds of situations at us, and for the rest of our lives, we should expect to be juggling the ideal and optimal, along with the challenging and undesirable. The trick is to continue living our lives in the fullest manner possible, enjoying our time with friends, family and hobbies, without letting the business of living life, bring us down. 

We work in a holistic manner, and will work towards creating sustainable solutions that take your entire being into consideration, including your past, present and future.

Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner, by changing lifestyle. No starving or special foods. LEARN MORE

Stress & Anxiety

Manage stress better and make it work for you. Learn how to use different perspectives in different life situations.


Understand each other better, learn how to improve communication and reach greater success as a team.

Food Addiction

Recognize emotional eating in all your different contexts and learn how to escape from food as a means of comforting yourself.


Sometimes, when our internal systems get stressed, we begin to procrastinate. At times, some of us need help in recovering.


The world can seem unkind and hostile at times. This program helps us gain personal toughness of mind and spirit.

Stress Eating

Work towards understanding your stresses and your reactions to stress factors better, and then begin reducing foods.

Impulse Buying

Some of us tend to use shopping as a means of relieving stress or seeking comfort. Learn how to reduce / avoid this.

Anger issues

Many of us have a temper we do not understand or know how to control. We'll help with this aspect of your being.


At times, relationships become toxic and so do partners, but we feel trapped due to our need for our role in it.


In some of us, a fault in our gut-brain connection results in different types of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Get help here.

Low Confidence

A general lack of confidence in our ways of being has an effect on how the world perceives and treats us.

Public Speaking

Public speaking can be scary, especially during the first few times. Learn how to be calm, graceful and effective on stage.


At times, we forget how to exist without a significant other, and be happy by ourselves. We'll help with learning how to cope.


Mindfulness can help with many aspects of our being, including stress and more. Learn how to work with mindfulness.

Fatty Liver

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease is a common precursor to type 2 diabetes. Treat it seriously and reverse it with our help.

Type 2 Diabetes

Depending on the age and specifics of your condition, type 2 diabetes can be reversed. Talk to us today.


Learn how to meditate via personalized one to one sessions, and find your spiritual sweet spot too.