Weight Loss Program

Lose weight and keep it off via the RAAS Lifestyle Change Program, which includes many additional benefits. Expected weight loss for physiologically and psychologically normal individuals, not on medication of any kind, is in the range of 2 to 5 kilos each month.

Unless otherwise specified, all prices mentioned are for a single session. The complete course may require more than a single session depending on individual circumstances. All sessions include a 15 minute follow up session, free of cost, one week onward. If you require multiple sessions, please speak with us about a discount, which we’re happy to extend to you, if you’re booking / paying in advance.

More Details
We've developed the RAAS Lifestyle Change Program, which includes many benefits, including weight loss. Read more about it here. This program is conducted in multiple ways. Instructional or seminar mode is where we'll share the complete one month protocol with you over a 2 hour video call, explain the details and mechanisms and finally introduce you to our support groups where you can join others following RAAS. Coached mode comes with five sessions, one each week and one at the end, coaching you through the program, week after week.  

Additional information

Program duration

Single Session, 4 Weeks

Number of sessions

One, Five

Additional Sessions

Available on demand. Chargeable.

Session duration

120 minutes, 60 minutes

Mode of delivery

Video call

WhatsApp Support

Coached mode only.

Delivery Mode

Seminar, Coached