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Packs & Pricing

Sustainable Health

Our highly precise meal plans are based on reliable government data. Click here to see detailed programme information. 

 1 month trial program3/6/12 month programs
Plans per Week11
Weekly Substitutes14
Welcome Call and Nutrition Basics15 min60 min
1st Plan Assistance Call10 min30 min
Buddy PlanFull priceHalf price
Personal Preferences2Unlimited
Nutrition/Medical ProtocolsStandard onlyUnlimited
Pause and ResumeNoYes
Weight TrackingNoYes
Exercise RecommendationsNoYes
Role ReversalNoYes
WhatsApp SOS UsageOnce/weekUnlimited
Shopping ListNoYes
Customise for Medical Conditions NoYes

Three Month ProgrammePay Now: ₹15,000 @ ₹5,000/month Six Month ProgrammePay Now: ₹27,000 @ ₹4,500/month Twelve Month ProgrammePay Now: ₹48,000 @ ₹4,000/month  One Month TRIALPay now: INR 3,250

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CaL Wellness reserves the right to change plan details, including features and pricing at our discretion without prior notice.