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Our highly precise meal plans are based on reliable government data. Click here to see detailed programme information.

  • Lose weight, not nutrition
    traditional meal plans usually cause malnutrition
  • Super flexible
    eat the foods we suggest any way, any time
  • Special / Medical needs
    our plans cater to medical conditions and special needs
  • Lots of food
    no starving or timed meals
  • Weekly plans
    with available substitutes and shopping list
  • Normal, every day food
    no boring, ‘diet’ foods
  • Precise nutrition
    maintain weight with nutrition
  • Your choice of foods
    no karela or lauki if you don’t like it.
  • Customise for medical issues
    low sugar, low sodium, low cholesterol etc.
  • Couple & Family plans
    same foods, same cooking, different plans
  • Sustainable
    weight that goes off stays off
  • Exercise
    suggested as needed based on your goals
  • Buddy plans available
    Same foods, different portions based on individual needs. Available at full price with the 1 month plan. 50% off with the 3, 6 month and 12 month plans.
 1 month trial program3/6/12 month programs
Plans per Week11
Weekly Substitutes14
Welcome Call and Nutrition Basics15 min60 min
1st Plan Assistance Call10 min30 min
Buddy PlanFull priceHalf price
Personal Preferences2Unlimited
Nutrition/Medical ProtocolsStandard onlyCustomised
Pause and ResumeNoYes
Weight TrackingNoYes
Exercise RecommendationsNoYes
Role ReversalNoYes
WhatsApp UsageSOS OnlyUnlimited
Shopping ListNoYes
Customise for Medical Conditions NoYes
Three Month Programme (~5 – 15 kilos)Pay Now: ₹15,000 @ ₹5,000/month

Six Month Programme (~10 – 30 kilos)Pay Now: ₹27,000 @ ₹4,500/month

Twelve Month Programme (~20 – 50 kilos)Pay Now: ₹48,000 @ ₹4,000/month

One Month TRIALPay now: INR 3,250

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CaL Wellness reserves the right to change plan details, including features and pricing at our discretion without prior notice. Kilo loss indication in our program depends on health condition, adherence to program and overall metabolic state and is not a guarantee