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Sustainable Health

Question #17: How can a working mother follow a healthy diet?

Working women usually have to juggle their jobs as well as manage the household. A few thoughts.

Question #16: How to increase my metabolism?

Many of us know that our metabolism controls the rate calorie burn in our bodies. Can we increase it?

Question #15: How to maintain weight loss?

You’ve lost some unwanted weight? Well done! Now the question is, how will you keep it off?

Question #14: Should we stick to the same foods every day?

Should we eat the same foods every day or vary the foods in our daily meals?

Question #13: Can we donate fat?

I get wacky questions at times, and this is one of them. Could we actually do so?

Question #12: Why does weight loss take so long and barely last?

Did you take a long long time to lose weight and then put it right back on soon after? Here’s why.

Question #11: Please suggest some healthy, spicy and savoury snacks.

Always looking for snacks you can binge on without guilt? Here’s something to think about.

Question #10: How to control diet during the festive season?

Do you find it difficult to control your cravings, but think it’s only a temporary thing? Think again.

Question #9: How can I eat everything, not exercise much and still not gain weight?

Can you eat everything, not exercise much and still not gain weight? Yes, but there’s a catch.

Question #8: Why am I not losing weight even after controlling my diet and exercising regularly?

Exercising and controlling your diet and still not losing weight? Here are some possible reasons.