What is the process?

    1. Sign up and pay for subscription. Click here to see plans and pricing.
      We’ll receive a notification that you’ve signed up and will send you a welcome email with a link to an information form.
    2. Fill the information form
      After you’ve paid for your subscription, you’ll receive a link to fill a form contains details about you. After this, we’ll write to you, asking for a date and time for your welcome call and initial discussion about what you want to do, what you’ve tried in the past, etc.
    3. Let us know a date and time for your welcome call
      After the call happens, we’ll start delivering your meal plans.
    4. Share feedback about your plans and if we can change anything
      When you give us feedback, we’ll do our best to implement it or to help you work around whatever issues you’re facing.
    5. Follow the plans, and keep talking to your adviser
      Always keep lines of communication open. We’re open to anything you have to say. Just try.

Please note, the process is slightly different for trial plans due to the reduced number of features.

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