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Programme Structures

Sustainable Health

All our programmes include the following features.

  • Structure: All the phases below are self-paced. Which means, we’ll begin the phase whenever you’re ready.
    • Adjustment – during this phase, we follow your existing pattern of foods, with a focus on portion control, complete nutrition and lower your calories consumed. You may experience weight loss from this month itself.
    • Experimentation – in this phase you’ll experiment with different foods and food combinations from your usual routine. This will allow your body to experience different foods as well as possibly introduce new nutrients to your system. This is the period you’ll begin to consistently lose weight.
    • Habituation – getting used to a new way of eating, taking care of yourself, giving your own diet, body and health some positive attention, being conscious of what is going into your body and more on the same lines. By now you’ll begin liking the way you’re feeling which should be light, happy and energetic. During this phase, you will form healthy habits from the same practices you were experimenting with last month as well as continue to lose more weight.
    • Activity and Exercise suggestions – we’ll suggest activities and exercises designed to make you fitter, without visiting a gym and which can be done during the course of a normal day at home. At the same time your meal plans will continue as before.
    • Pattern Breaking – we’ll work with you to break your existing food consumption behaviour and patterns and create new, healthier patterns.
    • Role Reversal – you’ll make your own plans with our help and prepare yourself to continue eating and cooking healthier food without our intervention. This phase will be about adjusting to normal life with you in charge of your own healthy diet.

Please note, these phases cannot be implemented in the one month programme due to its short duration.

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