Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you make your meal plans?
We work with Internationally accredited nutritional data and guidelines around which we have systems that help us create custom diet plans for different individuals. These will ensure the recipients enter states where they’re burning more calories than they’re consuming, while ensuring optimal nutrition levels.

Q. Where is your head office?
A. Our head office is in Sector 18, NOIDA, UP.

Q. Do you give refunds?
A. All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please ask us questions, see the sample plan, download a free plan and read about plan inclusions before making a payment.

Q. How does the process work?
A. After you subscribe to a plan, we’ll send you a mail to acknowledge your subscription, which will include a link to an information form. This mail will reach you the same day as the subscription, or the next day, depending on when you signed up. After you fill the form and send it to us, we evaluate the information within and will then ask when you’d like to schedule your welcome call and initial consultation. After the call happens, your plans will start soon after. On the designated day, we’ll send you your first plan and every week on the same day thereafter. This is the only automatic component of the plans. All the rest are fulfilled on demand; i.e. whenever you wish to avail the service, we will schedule and make it available. Leftover services do not carry over to the next month even if the plan is renewed.

Q. How are your plans made?
A. We use internationally accredited nutritional data to make our plans. Our plans are built keeping your culture, location, preferences, medical conditions etc. in mind and balanced for calories and nutrition. Your adviser will email you the plan, with notes on the meals plus suggest supplements you may need to take. Depending on person to person, plans can be balanced to 100% daily nutritional completeness or less. If less, supplements will be suggested on your plan sheet. All our plans contain highly precise nutritional data. Additionally, substitutes are usually available for every item in your plan and sent to you with your plan.

Q. What are the modes of payments you accept?
A. Currently we only accept payments via Direct bank transfers and Payumoney, which in turn accepts UPI, debit cards, credit cards, netbanking as well as digital wallets.

Q. Do you accept direct bank transfers?
A. Yes, we accept direct bank transfers. Please ensure your phone number or email address is mentioned while doing so. The details of our bank are as follows:

Payee: CAL Media Pvt. Ltd. Bank: ICICI Bank, Krishna Apra Royal Plaza, D-2, E (ACB), Sector Alpha 1, Greater NOIDA 201 306 UP, INDIA Account Number: 0254 0500 2825 IFSC Code: ICIC0000254 SWIFT Code: ICICINBBCTS (Purpose: Services/Consulting)

Q. Your plans are a day’s plan that I have to follow for 7 days. Can I get a 7 day plan with different meals each day?
A. Please ask your adviser for substitutes. Using substitutes you can vary your daily meals as per your preferences.

Q. I don’t like your format. Can I get a plan in a format of my choice.
A. At this point, we offer two plan formats. One is a detailed format and the second is a simple format. Later, we will offer more formats, from which you can choose one that works for you.

Q. Why is everything in grams? Why can’t we use glasses and cups?
A. Glasses and cups are measure of volume, not weight. Nutritional data, worldwide, is based on weight and therefore that is what we too use. Additionally, there are no standard sizes of glasses, cups or spoons. Therefore, using those as a standard unit of measure in our plans will not work. However, we realise that grams isn’t an easy measurement to stick to and have therefore included equivalents in the plan instructions based on accepted volume/weight equivalents, such as a tablespoon being about 15gm and a teaspoon being about 5gm. Therefore, for instance, 100 grams is 6 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons.

Q. Can we substitute foods or do we have to eat the same every day?
A. Both are fine. Some of us prefer building a routine around the same foods every day, and some of us like variety. If you like variety, know that substitutions are fine. Feel free to replace vegetables with vegetables, fruits with fruits and lentils/legumes with other lentils and legumes. Please do not however, substitute any grains or meats with anything else. If you do need substitutes, please speak with your adviser.

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