About IF90

IF90 is a holistic wellness protocol that uses a multi-pronged, gradual approach to enhancing our well-being. It includes nutritional, physiological, psychological and neurological connections in its workings.

To understand the IF90 Protocol, join our webinars below.  All the sessions are 90 minutes in duration, are delivered in a combination of English and Hindi and include a 20 minute question and answer session at the end.

After completing the session, you can choose to use the IF90 Companion Bot on Telegram Messenger to aid you in your journey towards enhanced health and wellness.

Please use the form below to register for an online, video session. Please note, these sessions are paid. After we have received your registration information, we will share with you the program date with a payment link. After your payment is received, we will share meeting the invite / URL with you on or the day before the program date.