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IF90 Self-Driven Program

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What Does it Do?

IF90 is a holistic wellness program that aims to achieve wellness in all three of our human facets – body, mind and soul, as they’re deeply interconnected. Through our precisely designed system of 5 pillars, cutting edge technology and highly trained coaches, our success record is an astounding 97%.

Everything that makes us human

Body, Mind & Soul

We are human

As human beings, we have three different facets with many states of each. These are our bodies, minds and souls, all three of which require nourishment and balance.
Simply giving us meal plans or telling us to exercise isn’t enough for most of us. We need to be empowered for success by enabling us to follow those meal plans, being motivated to exercise, learning about nutrition to empower us to prepare better meals for ourselves and our families.
We have to treat human beings like humans, not like wallets.

IF90 is holistic

IF90 is a holistic protocol that works towards nourishing and balance body, mind and soul. It seeks to empower, education, motivate us towards achieving our wellness goals in sustainable and gradual manner.

IF90 is available as a bot, an app, a training program and a coaching program.

Intermittent Fasting

Guided intermittent fasting hours for every day of the program.

Regular Food

Normal food, and up to 7 meal plans each week.

Learn More

Learn more about nutrition every single week. Get quizzed too!

Log & Review

Log your fasts, food, activities and more, and gain insights.

More Activity

Get more active with over 70 different physical activities.

Self Confidence

Gain confidence as you complete daily challenges.

What's Included

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream.”

Dan Millman

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