IF90 just works.

The only wellness program for Obesity, NAFLD, Mood and Diabetes management, that covers mind, body and soul.

The 5 Pillars

How it works

IF90’s five pillar system is a unique method of addressing the subject of lifestyle change. It creates interactions with five different aspects of lifestyle – dietary frequency, dietary contents, nutritional knowledge, physical activity and self awareness. All combined, IF90 delivers unprecedented results. Compliance with even one pillar still results in desirable, therapeutic outcomes.


Dietary Frequency

Most of us eat much too often to achieve good health. We introduce guided intermittent as a means of achieving the right dietary frequency.


Dietary Contents

Our diets are usually out of balance and consist of elements more about comfort than for good health. We fix this with meal plans.


Nutritional Knowledge

Our knowledge of nutrition is based on popular perceptions. We address this by sharing academically referenced articles targeting key subjects.


Physical Activity

Being physically active is very important for many aspects of our health. We allow the logging of over 75 different physical activities, in addition to making daily exercise suggestions.


Self Awareness

We need to be aware of and resolve triggers that cause us to break fasts or eat the wrong foods. The program helps us identify these through meditation and increase self confidence through daily challenges.

Multi Modal

Apart from using multiple healing modalities, such as in our personal coaching program, following even a single IF90 pillar will result in desirable outcomes.

Self Driven

Use our online program to achieve your wellness goals yourself.
Duration: 3 months


All the features in our Self Driven Program with one to one coaching.
Duration: 1 hour onward


Customized modules for your needs, delivered 100% online.
Duration: 1 to 8 hours

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