Welcome to IF90

The only wellness program for Obesity, NAFLD and Diabetes management, that covers mind, body and soul.

Intermittent Fasting

Guided intermittent fasting hours for every day of the program.

Regular Food

Normal food, and up to 7 meal plans each week.

Learn More

Learn more about nutrition every single week. Get quizzed too!

Log & Review

Log your fasts, food, activities and more, and gain insights.

More Activity

Get more active with over 70 different physical activities.

Self Confidence

Gain confidence as you complete daily challenges.

What's Included

“I have lost 6.5 – 7 kgs in these least 6 weeks, coming from someone who has always struggled and starved to lose even a kilo. My energy levels have improved. My cravings for carbs and sugars has drastically reduced. It’s had such a positive impact on my mood that it’s unbelievable.”

Davinder Kaur Anand, Mumbai

Self Driven Program

Use our online program to achieve your wellness goals yourself. Comes with all the above mentioned features. Duration: 3 months

Coaching Program

All the features in our Self Driven Program, plus weekly discussions, counseling and messenger availability. Duration: 3 months

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