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Meditation – A Virtual Home

In my experience, a meditative state is a great place to be, but the process of entering trance can be a bit of a drag. Here’s an enjoyable method to shorten it.

Meditative Trance using Visuals

One of the many ways to engage the conscious mind and enter a state of trance, is visualization. This post shares a few simple methods of doing so.

Affirmation #3: Love

With the increasing pace of our lives and rising stress levels, the first thing that appears to go flying out the window, is love.

Affirmation #2: Peace

This affirmation is about the stresses we face each day, which sometimes makes us less than enthusiastic about getting out of bed each morning.

Affirmation #1: Joy

The purpose of these affirmations is to tell ourselves something, remind our inner selves of a quality we have, give us hope for tomorrow, bring