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Weekly Roundup #1

I find my available time quite reduced due to my prioritizing further research into the IF90 protocol, keeping the program bot updated, writing a new

Weekday Discipline

Over time, our indulgence towards food has become nearly a routine, and the patterns of our diets almost cast in stone. How do we work towards fixing this?

Can Crispy Foods Cause Cancer?

Some golden brown and crisp foods contain a chemical called Acrylamide, which is classified as a carcinogen for humans. Should we be worried?

Are Eggs Good For Us?

I see people eating egg whites and discarding the yolks, doctors limiting their patients to a couple of eggs a week while at the same time we have stories of the legendary Russi Modi who died at the ripe old age of 96 years, and was said to eat 16 egg omelettes each day. So what’s the deal?

Why Are Differently Colored Vegetables Good For Us?

We know plant foods are home to antioxidants, which are substances that shield us from oxidation and its effects. We also know that vegetables come in so many colors. Are different colors related to different antioxidants? If so, how?