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How Blood Grouping Works

How does blood grouping work and why do we have blood groups? All of us know the terms A- and B+ and so on, and is that the only classification that exists for grouping of blood types? How does all of this work?

Hypnotherapy For Sustained Weight Loss?

Is it possible to use hypnotherapy to achieve weight loss that sustains long after the therapy / coaching period? Is it possible for the average person to keep off the weight lost?

Adopting Mindfulness

It’s interesting to know how much potentially useful information we purposely and consciously ignore nearly every minute of our waking lives. Mindfulness can help us change that.

Mindfulness and Wellness

This article is about a quick rundown of the different facets of our well being. I’ll elaborate each aspect and its relationship with mindfulness in separate articles.

Changing My Fixed Mindset

Fixed mindsets refer to the unshakeable belief that our views in a certain context are absolutely right and we refuse to deviate from this stance. We develop fixed mindsets for a few reasons.

A Mindful Day

I‚Äčt is easy to go through the business of daily life without really looking at what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Over time, we tend to slip into patterns of thoughtlessness that work great for routine tasks like perhaps flipping a switch on and off, but not so well for any other task that can be done better by focusing on the details.