What You Can Customize #

  • The number of plans you will use per week
  • Your diet type
  • Food items in your diet (including and excluding food item keywords)

Using the Settings Menu #

To get started: Program Menu > Settings

For Weekly Plans:
Select the number of plans you wish to use in a week; from 1 to 5.

Settings for Weekly Plans

For your Diet Type:
Choose the type of diet you wish to follow from the available options.
Note: It may take the bot a few hours to make your plans based on your new diet type.

Settings for Diet Type

Including Food Items:
Choose up to two food items to include in your plans from the available options.

Tap the ‘Inclusions List’ button to see your already-included food items.

Settings for Including Food Items
Inclusions List

Excluding Food Items:
Type up to three keywords of the foods you do not want in your meal plans. Separate each keyword with a space in between.

For example, type brocolli peas cucumber to exclude these three food items.

Settings for Excluding Food Items

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