Weekly Education

Each week, we’ll share with you a different topic of education. This will be in the form of different media as available, or as a choice of media for the same subject. For example, if the subject is nutrition, there may be an article, podcast or video of the same subject, so you have a choice as per your personal preferences, or perhaps just an article, podcast or video. After you’ve listened to it, and noted your questions, we’ll fix a time for us to answer your questions on the subject.

Topics of education include nutrition, cooking, meditation, stress management, the science of intermittent fasting etc.

The purpose of this activity, is that you understand the reasons behind the functioning of the program and recognize the purpose behind the existence of its different components. When you’re aware of all of this, you’ll be set to fly freely and continue the benefits of the program even after you’ve completed it.

It is very important that every weekly topic be given priority. Each topic has been selected to play a prominent role in your journey after program completion.

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