Nutrient Dense Meals

Nutrient dense food is what we think we’ve been eating all our lives, but really haven’t. Nutrient dense food is defined as foods that have a large amount of nutrition per calorie, and this for us means, Low Carb, Healthy Fat or LCHF.

We will share one or more meal plans with you each week along with your chart, as a PDF file, between Saturday and Sunday each week. Every plan is designed keeping your preferences in mind. If certain ingredients get repetitive, let us know which ones you don’t want by Friday, so we can create your plans accordingly.

Your plans are collections of ingredients that you are free to use any time during your eating window. You can cook them in any manner you wish, using other ingredients like all kinds of spices, tomatoes, garlic and ginger among other options. We only ask that you keep your oil consumption limited, in an attempt to ensure your daily caloric load doesn’t exceed a set range. During your longer fasts, you’ll also need to increase your fat consumptions, through nuts, seeds and cooking mediums, in order to complete your daily calorie requirement.

At no point will we try and drastically restrict your food consumption and encourage you to complete your daily quota of calories each day via the tastiest food you can whip up, only keeping your carbs and fats under control, and the total number of calories as per your BMR – no more, no less as far as possible.

Break your fasts with whatever you feel comfortable eating at that time. Initially, you may feel the urge to binge eat carbs, which is fine initially, though we’ll need to be aware of this tendency and bring it down over the first two weeks. Our recommendation is to break a fast with a light and nutritious meal, low in carbs and rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s included in your first week’s education. Do the same when ending a fast, reserving your carbs for snacks in between. This will reduce our conditioned urges to include carbs in major meals as well as reduce carb cravings, in both, our fasting and eating windows.

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