IF90 Phases

In our past experiences with weight loss and blood sugar management programs that only included a dietary component, we found many clients were unable to stick to the program in spite of their best intentions. We collated and understood their reasons and then designed this program that treats each of us human beings who are under a variety of pressures from the business of living life as well as under a number of influences that effect the decisions we take.

The program helps us understand the different aspects of our well-being and enables us to reach our goals in a manner that is healthy and sustainable. IF90 is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1 (5 weeks): Baby steps towards understanding fasting and nutrition
  • Phase 2 (4 weeks): More intense fasting patterns, stricter diets
  • Phase 3 (3 weeks): Different for everyone; includes longer fasts, discussions etc.

During the course of this program, we will become intimately aware of our many lifestyle patterns and compulsions. It will be our endeavor to help you break those patterns, so that at the end of the program, you have a choice – to continue with your new, healthier patterns, or revert to your older, not-so-healthy patterns.

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