High Level Program Flow

The following is a high level view of how the program will proceed as soon as you’ve finished paying for the entire program or a phase.

  1. First chart: The program always begins on a Monday. You will receive your first chart between Friday and Sunday the previous week. This will be sent via our Telegram bot, and will continue week after week for the duration of your subscription.
  2. Meal Plan: Between 1 to 5 meal plans will be present in every chart. These are suggestions and examples of what a complete diet ought to include. The plans include detailed nutrient information, so you’re free to make informed substitutions if you wish.
  3. A call will be scheduled each Monday, to discuss the previous week and the plan for the next week. Please ensure you schedule a call and talk each Monday, or exchange a few messages letting us know what’s happening.
  4. Meditation is a part of the program and will be one of the educational topics shared. This is very, very important and you must take out 5 – 10 minutes or more each day to practice, without fail. You will receive one to one guidance on the subject when you schedule a call.
  5. An educational topic will be shared with you by the Telegram bot each week as well as be present in your weekly chart. Please go over the material shared and make time for reading and understanding every such subject. If you have doubts, please schedule a call and clarify them. You can a so do the same via messages on Telegram or WhatsApp. It is very important for your success.

The above pattern will be followed week on week for 12 weeks.

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