A very important aspect of this program is your wholehearted participation. One way by which you can contribute to your success is sharing data with us. We need the following information from you.

How you can log this data: Click here.

  • Daily fasting hours – Log this if you’ve fasted more or less than the recommended number of hours for that day of the week. If you’ve fasted less than 12 hours, please log zero. If you’ve fasted the exact number of hours as suggested, we’ll fill this in for you.
  • Physical Activities – Choose a physical activity, like walking, cooking, computer work, etc., and log the duration of time you did so.
  • Notes – Log this with whatever you would like to remember. It could be when you took your blood sugar tests, food intake for the day, or reminders.
  • Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar – Only if you’re monitoring these parameters, usually once a week.
  • Weight – Once a week, preferably measured on the same day and same time, wearing similar clothing.

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