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Lifestyle Change Program

What is CW90?

CW90 is a 90 day Lifestyle Change Program that can help with the management of weight, diabetes, hypertension and depressive symptoms.

Yes, this is all included!

How CW90 Works.

What you’ll get: Every week you’ll receive a chart containing an Intermittent Fasting pattern, precisely calibrated meal plans, a log of your previous week’s fasting hours, a record of all other interactions with you (for your doctor) as well as a chapter by chapter progress record of the knowledge you’re gaining. 

When you update the CW90 Bot with your latest weight, fasting hours and more, your meal plans will automatically change. You can change your diet type any time from vegetarian to non-vegetarian or others. We can send you up to 7 different plans every week so variety of meals is never an issue.


Learn how to intermittently fast properly and effectively.


Improve your eating with meal plans every week.


Learn something new each and every week.


Practise personalised meditation, the easy way.


Enhance your physical activities with our simple suggestions.


Manage stress better with the methods we’ll share.

CW90 Bot Shots


Why Fasting?


IF is the only way to sustainably lose weight in a healthy manner.


IF helps with the reduction of inflammation and related disorders.


IF has many other effects on our bodies that make it a great idea!

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Who Should Join?

Which conditions will benefit from the CW90 Lifestyle Change Program?


CW90 can help those who are afflicted with Type 2 Diabetes.

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CW90 can help with improving moods and  depressive symptoms.

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CW90 can help with the reduction of high blood pressure.

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CW90 can help with obesity and weight loss.

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All Benefits.

Weight / Inch loss*
Blood sugar management*
Blood pressure management*
Improved moods
Sustained weight loss
Sustained dietary improvements
Normal, every-day foods
WhatsApp / Email support
Physical activities
Weekly chart
* Results vary between individuals

CW90 Phases

The CW90 Lifestyle Change Program can be purchased in 3 phases (₹ 5000 per phase), or as a full program (₹ 15,000,  one time purchase).

Phase 1

These two phases are about your understanding of your body. Moderate results are seen in this phase.

Duration: 5 weeks


Phase 2

By this phase, you’ve gained a better understanding of how your body works. The best results are seen in this phase.

Duration: 3 weeks


Phase 3

Here, if you wish we’ll ‘let you go’ and you’ll plan your own meals, decide your own patterns and be in control of your own health.

Duration: 4 weeks


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, meal plans are included for those who want them. Some of us find it difficult to follow meal plans due to various reasons. This program includes nutritional education as a major component and therefore, does not rely on meal plans as a means of making better dietary choices.

There are many points of contact in this program. This includes the weekly phone calls, in addition to others, such as the sessions on meditation, culinary techniques, diet calibration, meal pattern calibration and more. Additionally, you can also request the scheduling of to one phone calls whenever you like.

In addition to nutritionally complete meal plans, we’ll also design an intermittent fasting schedule for you, educate you on nutritional concepts, introduce you to meditative techniques as per your personality type, help you with healthier cooking, design an exercise schedule for your needs as well as be available with support whenever you need it.

Our program is designed to run remotely. Face to face interaction is possible via video calling for the many points of contact that happen in the program.

Yes, our program is designed to work remotely and anyone can join it regardless of where they live, as long as an Internet connection is available.

We discourage taking breaks in between. This program is meant to facilitate sustainable change, and taking a break contradicts the purpose. We’ll help you keep your program going even while you’re taking a holiday, attending a wedding or any other events in your life.

No, sorry. We work with true and sustainable lifestyle change and there are no shortcuts there.

Our meal plans are created by a precision nutrition system, based on accepted medical/nutritional protocols. The meal plans are based on quantities of ingredients, which you’re free to cook in any manner you wish.

Yes, our plans include a variety of ingredients, and ensure complete daily recommendations of micro and macro nutrients when the client has no dietary restrictions. In some cases, due to dietary restrictions among other reasons, if there are specific deficiencies, we let you know of the deficiency and its exact amount and suggest supplementation.

Both are fine. Some of us prefer building a routine around the same foods every day, and some of us like variety. If you like variety, know that substitutions are fine. Feel free to replace vegetables with vegetables of the same family, fish and poultry with similar fish and poultry, fruits with fruits of the same family and lentils/legumes with other lentils and legumes. Please do not however, substitute any seeds or branded cereals with anything else.


Glasses and cups are measure of volume, not weight. Nutritional data, worldwide, is based on weight and therefore that is what we too use. Additionally, there are no standard sizes of glasses, cups or spoons. Therefore, using those as a standard unit of measure in our plans will not work. However, we realise that grams isn’t an easy measurement to stick to and have therefore included equivalents in the plan instructions based on accepted volume/weight equivalents, such as a tablespoon being about 15gm and a teaspoon being about 5gm. Therefore, for instance, 100 grams is likely to be 6 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons for most grains and finely chopped vegetables.

At this point, we offer one format – a list of ingredients that you can use any way you like. This part of a comprehensive, multi-page, weekly chart. We are happy to share additional formats when they’re available.

Yes, we can share more than a single plan a week at times, dependent on client requirements and individual profiles. It must be requested prior to weekly chart generation and cannot be done in real time on request.


The tests depend on your goals. For example, if you’re diabetic, we’ll request you to get your HbA1c measured. The tests are suggested to establish a baseline for any health conditions, such as diabetes, so we can measure progress at the end of the program. The others are for your own well being and to ensure all is well prior to starting. We encourage you to keep your doctor informed and to share all tests with them so your test results can be clinically correlated. Please share with us any dietary recommendations made by your doctor.

We welcome your partner/spouse to participate with you in your journey towards better health and wellness. We are happy to coordinate with both of you for certain subjects, such as meal preparation among other subjects where both partners can participate. For program related messages and responses however, we encourage you to do so yourself.

The success of this program depends on your actively participating at all program checkpoints, one of which is responsiveness to our messages and communications, in addition to taking as much charge as possible for your own journey.

Ideally, you would use a combination of different oils and cooking fats for meal preparation, and we suggest these be cold pressed and unprocessed as far as possible. Monthly rotation of cooking mediums is encouraged.

The program uses normal, every day foods. As the program progresses, and dietary content gets naturally restricted, you may need to consider nutritional supplements to obtain required nutrition. We suggest finding different sources of fresh fruits and vegetables of different kinds, so substitutions are restricted to a minimum. There may be some supplementation required based on your dietary restrictions. These will be discussed with your first plan.

The CW90 Lifestyle Change Program is a multi-disciplinary system that encompasses cutting edge nutritional developments, known nutritional protocols, precision nutrition planning, psychology and belief based spiritual systems, all of which interlock together to achieve desired results.

Our CW90 protocol is based on a constantly updated collation of data that draws from reputed government databases and research papers that are written by numerous highly qualified specialists. All of this information is built into a computer controlled system that runs our program and monitors clients.

There is therefore no single speciality involved with the science of our system, and all our sources are made public and available for all to independently pursue and verify. You’re welcome to ask us about program information in any level of detail you wish and we’re happy to share. We highly recommend looking into the details of our program and speaking with your healthcare provider prior to entering the program.

Depending on program compliance and your individual physiology, you can expect to lose between 7 to 10 kilos. All results vary for different individuals and should only be measured after completing the entire program, and not a single phase.

It is easy for us to fall out of touch with each other and with the program. Your success is important for us and we insist on maintaining touch with you throughout the program so you know that support is just a message away and that we know you’re doing alright.

Dietary supplements are used to make up for deficiencies in your diet. This includes deficiencies brought upon by dietary restrictions (pure vegetarians for example), allergies, availability and preferences among other reasons. Additionally, during longer fasts, when it may be physically impossible for some of us to eat the quantities required in the shorter span of time, then too supplements may be of use in maintaining our RDA.

Beginning CW90

1. Purchase

Purchase the program from this website following which you’ll receive an email with a link to an information form. Please fill this.

2. Commencement

When we receive your form, we’ll register you with the program and send you your registration secret for the CW90 Bot. Please use this.

3. Initial Call

We’ll have a discussion on the phone about your goals, past initiatives and more about your health and wellness, including moods.

4. Plan Discussion

After a discussion, your program will begin on a Monday. You’ll receive your first chart on the previous Sat/Sun.

5. Program Commencement

We’ll be available for support on Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp messenger. Please ensure you read the CW90 Guide.


Each week you will receive your fasting pattern, meal plan, reading matter etc. Remember to log using the Telegram bot.

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