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Category: Micro-Nutrients

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Iron – The Wonder Nutrient

Iron is an essential nutrient for maintaining optimal human health. What type should you consume and from where?

What is Choline and why do you need it?

Have you heard of Choline? It is an essential nutrient that most are deficient in. Read more.

How to tell if you’re getting too much Vitamin A

Have you been popping multi-vitamins ‘just to be sure’? Read this to see if you’re taking too much Vitamin A.

Male Infertility and Food

Infertility can happen to both men and women. Here are some probable dietary causes and solutions.

Vegetarian Sources of Vitamin B-12

Vegetarians can have trouble getting their daily dose of Vitamin B-12. This may help.

6 Ways Fruits Help Weight-Loss

Despite their high sugar content, fruits appear to help weight loss and prevent obesity.

Vitamin D for Vegetarians

Vitamin D isn’t an easy nutrient to gain from diet and even tougher for pure vegetarians. What’s the solution?

Can Vitamin C Help Infections?

Those old tales about Vitamin C keeping away colds might just be true. Ready to stock up?

Does Vitamin K Prevent Fractures?

Did you know Vitamin K could help women over 50 suffering from Osteoporosis?

Are you getting enough Calcium?

Do you get enough Calcium per day? How much do you need? Which foods should you eat?