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The Keto Diet and Epilepsy

Did you know conditions such as epilepsy have dietary treatment? Read more.

What is HbA1c and why do you need it?

Do you regularly measure your blood glucose levels using a glucometer? You may be fooling yourself. Read more.

Can Diabetics Eat Honey?

There’s a great deal of confusion over the consumption of honey by diabetics. Here’s a dose of hope.

The Effects of Diabetes

Diabetics appear to be and many actually do feel normal. That doesn’t mean they are. Here’s what diabetes does to our bodies.

10 Vegetables You Thought Diabetics Couldn’t Eat

Some vegetables are considered unsuitable for consumption by diabetics. Here are some surprises.

11 Legumes Suitable for Diabetics

A useful list of legumes that are suitable for diabetics. There’s a fair amount of variety in there.

10 Grains Suitable for Diabetics

Grains aren’t too good for diabetics given their high carb content. Here are 10 safe ones.

23 Fruits Suitable for Diabetics

The consumption of fruits by diabetics is seen as a confusing topic. Here’s a list that may help.

How Should Diabetics Choose What To Eat?

It is important for diabetics to understand how to evaluate the foods they can safely eat. Here’s how.

Male Infertility and Food

Infertility can happen to both men and women. Here are some probable dietary causes and solutions.