Become the best version of yourself

Achieve true wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Wellness Matters



Our bodies must function as best as they can, being our constant companions for decades to come.



Balanced and stable emotions ensure our work, relationships and families prosper, and keep us happy.



Our spiritual being needs nourishment as a means to bind together our bodies and minds, and keep us fulfilled.

Popular Areas

Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner, by changing lifestyle. No starving or special foods.

Stress & Anxiety

Manage stress better and make it work for you. Learn how to use different perspectives in different life situations.


Understand each other better, learn how to improve communication and reach greater success as a team.

360° Wellness

I work with individuals, couples, teams and groups towards greater wellness of body, mind and spirit. From personal resilience through mindfulness based stress relief and reversing fatty liver disease and more lifestyle based disorders have clear solutions. 

All services are available as one to one sessions as well as camps for groups and teams.


IF90 was the biggest turning point at the physical level but our conversations and the support you provided are the ones that helped me see myself and things from a different perspective. So, thank you for being a part of my journey!
Davinder Kaur Anand, 49, Mumbai
This program is a complete package in itself in terms of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Sid Khullar is a wonderful person to work with who is always there at any given time to help and motivate you.
Archana Mehta, 63, Shimla
It's not just the 6 kgs loss or the several inches I lost in 4 weeks; that a lot of programs could give you. What I've discovered is a new way of life that is scientific, sustainable, stress free and effortless once you get the hang of it.
Bhavna Singh, 35, Gurgaon

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