Become a CaL Wellness Affiliate

Are you well connected on social media? Do you meet and speak to many people? Can you talk about nutrition to people who need help with weight or nutrition management? Would you like to earn money by helping people in their journey to wellness?

Did you answer ‘Yes’ to all of the above? You could become an affiliate of CaL Wellness. CaL Wellness Affiliates educate and inform people about our programs, which are designed to help conditions such as obesity among others.

Here are three easy steps to increasing your income with CaL Wellness.

  1. Fill out the registration form below if you have not already done so.
  2. Check your affiliate code. Click here. (Link is to our affiliate group which you’ll need to join first)
  3. Share information about CaL Wellness subscriptions on your WhatsApp, Facebook and other areas every day. We share sample text a few times a week. All you have to do is copy everything after START and before END, change YOURCODE to your own affiliate code and paste/share it wherever you can. You can also make your own text, remembering to include your code. Whenever a purchase is made using your affiliate code, the client will receive one free week and an amount will be credited to your account based on the subscription purchased.

PackageCommission Rate
(Prices w.e.r. June '18)
1 Month Trial7.5% (₹243.75)
3 Month10% (₹1,500)
6 Month 12.5% (₹3,375)
12 Month 15% (₹7,200)

Sounds good? Then fill the form below to apply. If your application is approved, you could make up to ₹72,000* per month!

* based on 10 sales of 12 month package