Dr. Roohi Chandra

Dr. Roohi Chandra is a medical doctor specializing in the practice of gynecology. Working with the Bhopal Police for the last two decades , Dr. Chandra currently manages a specialized hospital, in addition to consulting patients across categories as well as providing visiting consults for the Department of Sports and Youth Welfare. A lover of animals, and most at home among plants and trees, Roohi is foster mum to more than a dozen animals of different origins, who seek her out for her special bond with them. Especially interested in fitness, Dr. Chandra is an avid sportsperson who continues to win multiple accolades in field. She continues to maintain her streak with active participation in several marathons and athletic events. When she's not at the hospital or with her animals, Dr. Chandra can be found happily communing with nature.

Renu Handa
Transformational Psychologist

Renu Handa is a transformational Psychologist specializing in capacity building and change management. She has completed an honors degree in Psychology, in addition to courses of study in HR and Social Development. A therapist, trainer and a member on the panel for various institutes for POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment), she facilitates transformation through experiential narratives. Renu also conducts therapy workshops for conflict resolution and consults on skill and talent mapping for individuals and teams. She designs systems to enable the empowering of individuals and organizations towards set objectives. She also works with alternate healing methods such as EFT and Hypnosis. Renu is based out of Bhopal and travels out for assignments. Her personal zen interests include reading, writing, drawing/colouring and listening to music.

Saket Rai
Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner

Saket Rai is a certified, experienced and a passionate Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Trainer, Teacher, a successful entrepreneur, author, software engineer, a keen learner, an accomplished writer and an author based out of New Delhi, India. His books include Rapid Hypnosis - Hypnosis on Fast Forward and Conversational Hypnosis in Action - Influence on the Go. He has over 15 years of experience in the area of Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing modalities for holistic wellness. He has trained and certified hundreds of students in Level 1 and Level 2 courses of Hypnotherapy in addition to having trained corporates under the programme "The subconscious aspects of business", with Hypnosis as the focus. Saket is a keen freemason and member of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India, providing subject matter and technical expertise pro bono.