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Your Questions about Ghee – Answered

Here’s a bunch of questions on ghee I invited, received  and raised. Are they helpful? What is desi ghee? Desi ghee is fat extracted from milk via various routes. The most common route is cream from milk, butter from cream and ghee from butter, also reflected in its western name – clarified butter. There is…
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Question #19: How can I motivate myself to work out?

Most of us find it hard to exercise. Some of us just cannot bring ourselves to do so. This may help.

Question #18: Other than a poor lifestyle/dietary regimen, are there other underlying reasons for weight gain?

Is it possible to put on weight without having an unhealthy lifestyle? How?

Question #17: How can a working mother follow a healthy diet?

Working women usually have to juggle their jobs as well as manage the household. A few thoughts.

Question #16: How to increase my metabolism?

Many of us know that our metabolism controls the rate calorie burn in our bodies. Can we increase it?

Question #15: How to maintain weight loss?

You’ve lost some unwanted weight? Well done! Now the question is, how will you keep it off?

Question #14: Should we stick to the same foods every day?

Should we eat the same foods every day or vary the foods in our daily meals?

Question #13: Can we donate fat?

I get wacky questions at times, and this is one of them. Could we actually do so?

Question #12: Why does weight loss take so long and barely last?

Did you take a long long time to lose weight and then put it right back on soon after? Here’s why.

Question #11: Please suggest some healthy, spicy and savoury snacks.

Always looking for snacks you can binge on without guilt? Here’s something to think about.