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Sustainable Health

Iron – The Wonder Nutrient

Iron is an essential nutrient for maintaining optimal human health. What type should you consume and from where?

The Keto Diet and Epilepsy

Did you know conditions such as epilepsy have dietary treatment? Read more.

Sweeteners: Part II – Acesulfame Potassium

Most sweeteners are associated with undesirable side effects. Here’s information on Ace-K.

Sweeteners: Part I – Aspartame

Do you choose artificial sweeteners over natural sugar? Here’s part one of a multi-part series on sweeteners.

Weight Loss: Is Brown sugar or honey healthier than white sugar??

Have you been brown sugar or honey instead of sugar, thinking you’re doing something healthier? Think again.

What is Choline and why do you need it?

Have you heard of Choline? It is an essential nutrient that most are deficient in. Read more.

What is HbA1c and why do you need it?

Do you regularly measure your blood glucose levels using a glucometer? You may be fooling yourself. Read more.

How to tell if you’re getting too much Vitamin A

Have you been popping multi-vitamins ‘just to be sure’? Read this to see if you’re taking too much Vitamin A.

Is your daily peg destroying your diet?

Do you like a couple of drinks every evening and are also trying to lose weight? Here’s how it works.

Your Questions about Ghee – Answered

Here’s a bunch of questions on ghee I invited, received  and raised. Are they helpful? What is desi ghee? Desi ghee is fat extracted from milk via various routes. The most common route is cream from milk, butter from cream and ghee from butter, also reflected in its western name – clarified butter. There is…
Read more