Affirmation #6: Body, Mind, Spirit

My mind guides me,
My body teaches me,
My spirit strengthens each day.

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Our bodies are beautiful in the way we’ve been constructed. There are in-built mechanisms that sense how much we’ve eaten and when to begin digestion, others that sense the quality of food we’re eating, the exercise we’re doing, and try and get us to repeat that behavior.

Our minds too are a part of the entire system, regulating moods, influencing emotions, providing a means of powering our natural mechanisms, to keep us functioning well and alive as long as possible.

This is nature at its finest, which keeps searching for ways to survive and prevail.

Finally, there’s our spirit. A separate context to our being that has the ability to observe our bodies and minds and understand both. As long as our spirit is strong, we will prevail.

Then there’s us. We have become all but deaf to the voice of our bodies and minds, paying heed only to their loudest cries and ignoring the subtle signals that they constantly emit.

We aren’t doing so on purpose, involved as we are in the business of living life. But after we realize that we can listen inwards, perhaps we can begin paying more attention?

The more time we spend in understanding ourselves, the more we strengthen our spirit. The stronger our spirit is, the better we will understand ourselves and the more equipped we will be to achieve our goals, both internal and external.

How do certain foods make us feel? Why do we behave in certain ways? Why do we repeat foods that we know have undesirable consequences? Why do we continue to act in a manner that damages ourselves, our loved ones and our relationships with them? What compels us to do so?

The answers to these questions lies within us. Either we listen to our bodies and minds, and gracefully glide through life, or we ignore our two closest advisors and stumble our way along the time we have left.

How do we listen? Through meditation. For meditative techniques, please check some of my recent articles on my wellness blog (link in the group’s description).

When you’re ready to use this affirmation, I’d like you to ideally be in a as quiet a place as possible. Sit comfortably, but straight.Touch the different parts of your body, focusing your consciousness there – tummy, calves, feet, chest… This may take a little practice. How does it feel? Does it feel normal? Could it feel better? At this point, just experience and observe. The reasons aren’t important at this time and they’ll reveal themselves soon enough.

After you’ve finished with your body, move on to your mind. How do you feel? Are there any fears, concerns, anger, frustration? Again, observe and experience.

When you repeat this as often as you can, without trying to analyze, you’ll find the meaning of ‘normal’ becoming clearer, and the reasons behind how you feel becoming apparent.

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