Mindfulness and Wellness

Quite a few different facets exist in our overall state of wellness. These facets include:

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  1. social,
  2. physical,
  3. spiritual,
  4. emotional,
  5. intellectual,
  6. occupational and
  7. environmental wellness.

Mindfulness can help us find a state of calm in any of these aspects of wellness, contributing to our overall sense of well-being. As cliched as it sounds, being in the here and now can give us profound inputs about people and entities around us, making us find more meaning in their presence. This article is about a quick rundown of the different facets of our well being. I’ll elaborate each aspect and its relationship with mindfulness in separate articles.

Social Wellness happens when we actively make connections, nurture them and then spend quality time interacting with those connections. On the other hand, we could exist in social void, without any connections at all. Somewhere in between, we might have dozens of connections, but most of them may be without substance, and therefore do not contribute to our wellness.

Physical Wellness refers to our state of physical or physiological health. It includes the quality of our diets, physical activity and fitness, quality and quantity of sleep, hygiene and more. When we’re mindful of our physical wellness, we accord it the priority it requires and do what it takes to restore, maintain or improve it. A contrary state happens when we routinely ignore medical tests among other signs, and allow our physical health to decline.

Spiritual Wellness is about our relationship with ourselves, with our perception of the divine and the empathic connections we share with others. How well do we really understand ourselves? Are we supportive of ourselves or do we constantly criticize our endeavors? How much empathy are we able to give others? How much do we enjoy the business of living our lives? All of this and more goes into the development of our spiritual wellness.

Emotional Wellness points to a state of emotional balance, where we are able to share our feelings with others, we feel content with our efforts most of the time, we feel secure about ourselves, our families and our future path, we feel happiness on a regular basis, we accept our emotions as not being trivial but significant to our way of being and try to understand them better, and more.

Intellectual Wellness is a place where we are able to express our thoughts, develop our intellect through learning and debate our ideas and concepts with others via healthy, dialectic discussion. When we’re intellectually well, we feel ourselves grow, perceive a sense of security in the knowledge we’re accumulating and actively use the gained knowledge and perspective in some manner in our lives, personal or professional.

Occupational Wellness is an important part of our well being, as this aspect usually occupies a significant part of our waking time. During this time, it is important we feel fulfilled, valued, interested and happy in the work we’re doing. Sometimes that happiness is about our interested in the work itself, at others, about the outcome of the work on the world around us (such as environmental workers for instance) and also about the impact of the work on our lives, such as being able to provide for our families. Without occupational wellness, life becomes a drag and going to work, a chore.

Environmental Wellness is all about the world around us, the environments we’re cocooned in; our immediate environment, say our workplace or home and the world beyond in the context of cleanliness, pollution and more. When we include environmental wellness as a separate and distinct factor in our overall wellness, we place the planet on priority, actively improve both types of environments for ourselves and others, and also find more paths to achieving other aspects of our personal wellness.

As you might have noticed, there are marked connections between different aspects of our well being. Can you tell which ones are inter-connected?

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