Weekly Roundup #2: Lifestyle Change, Aspirin, and Carbs in Pregnancy

Here are three subjects from what I’ve been reading this past week. Read the mentioned references for more detailed information.

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Lifestyle Change for Lifestyle Disorders

As intuitive as it sounds, the suggested remedies for most lifestyle disorders appear to involve medication. Why not try and solve something that was induced by lifestyle, with lifestyle? If lifestyle was the cause, it can also be the cure.

A low carbohydrate diet, combined with other lifestyle interventions were shown to cause weight loss, reduce body mass index (BMI), waist size, blood pressure as well as mental well-being. ​1​

Aspirin May Reduce Blood Sugar

High doses of salicylates (Aspirin) were demonstrated to reduce inflammation over a hundred years ago though it is only now that we’re beginning to actually see the connection. As it so happens, there may be a link between insulin resistance (which is the primary cause of high blood sugar levels) and inflammation.​2​

Avoid Carbs During Pregnancy?

We’re beginning to see the effects of maternal diet on the child, and not just soon after birth, but many years later too. As per a study, raised blood glucose levels in the mother during pregnancy could result in childhood obesity in the child.​3​


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