How Does IF90 Work?

I was fat, indulgent and had a number of health issues that traditional methods just didn’t solve. At one point in my life, I decided to take responsibility for my own health and understand my body and myself better.

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After many years of studying different subjects related to our wellness, beginning with my own health issues and those in my family, I designed the IF90 Program.

The target was to create a system that was as easy to follow as possible, addressed multiple areas of wellness in a single pathway and resulted in outcomes that were sustainable.

There were many facets to this – physiological, psychological, nutritional, lifestyle, location, personal attributes and so on, because the desired pathway was one that could be followed by anyone, without a special understanding of the body or even themselves.

IF90 works on different aspects of our well-being, and is specifically designed to address the following:

  • weight loss
  • blood sugar management
  • blood pressure management
  • depressive symptoms and moods

But, and before you read any further, but, this is not to fit into a dress next month, or for purely cosmetic goals. It simply doesn’t work for short term goals. If you’re following IF90, your goals must be for the long term and you must really, really want to change yourself, realizing that ultimately, our own personal characteristics are the cause of what happens to us.

Yes, the environment, our upbringing and many other factors matter, but ultimately, all of those things converge in one place – us, and we must choose or at least try to choose, the paths that are good for us in the long term.

The IF90 program works on:

  • diet and dietary discipline
  • completion of nutrition
  • deeper knowledge of nutrition
  • self awareness and understanding ourselves better
  • breaking personal patterns and compulsions
  • building up self confidence
  • building up self esteem
  • learning meditative techniques
  • understanding the science of meditation

All of this is packaged into a gentle, easy program that takes our humanity into account and slowly takes us from where we are today, to where we would like to be tomorrow.

Our bodies are amazingly designed works of biological art, that are incredible in their capabilities, most of which we aren’t really aware. Our bodies are aware of a number of things like what nutrients are needed, what nutrients we’re eating, how we’re getting those nutrients, rewarding us for good behaviour and many other facets that are interconnected, the sole purpose of which are to keep us alive and well and happy and thriving.

IF90 takes these processes and works with them towards desirable outcomes in a certain manner, that must be followed in order to gain results.

The program includes:

  • guided intermittent fasting
  • meal plans
  • daily challenges
  • daily messages
  • weekly knowledge topics
  • daily quizzing
  • fast and other activity logging
  • review and analysis of fasts and other logs

Given the number of people who have passed through the program and benefited from it, I can confidently say at this time, simply following the program will yield results.

If you’ve tried everything else, it’s time for IF90.

Every month, we conduct a free, 4 week Public Program that is a condensation of the main 12 week program. You’re free to join in whenever you wish, even if you’ve already done it and want to do it again. For this, you can join our FB groups (Group 1, Group 2) or our Telegram group.

Are you looking for help with your relationships, anger or other emotional issues, weight management and more? Tap here to schedule a free, 30 minute session with Sid Khullar.

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