Affirmation #8: We Shall Prevail

Affirmation #8

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I always will, and still am.
I always was and still remain.
I always will be again.

When we’re young, a single setback seems like the end of the world. That’s because we lack life experience in the quantities required, to know that the events we’re so upset over will either barely matter over time, or will happen time and time again.

As we get older, some setbacks and incidents still tend to greatly upset us, and at that time it is usually due to the qualitative nature of our life experiences, either not having experienced that type of event before, or having done so enough times to be weary of it.

Hope is a uniquely human quality that is augmented by another uniquely human talent – foresight.

Put together, we have the sure knowledge that whatever has been, will be again, given we know history to repeat itself over and over again, in both small and large loops of time.

Put together, we have the will to prevail, as we know that passing the current time is only a matter of our endurance and fortitude and little else.

Whatever happens, we will carry on, doing our best, facing up to whatever life has to throw in our path, knowing that, while we may pass through multiple cycles of success and failure, each such cycle only contributes to our powers of hope and foresight, equipping us to surmount the next ridge in our lives, and go on doing what we do best – prevail.

We always have been and will continue to be.
We shall prevail.

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