Affirmation #7: We Are Happiness

I am one with myself,
I am one with the universe,
I am happiness.

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There’s a psychological phenomenon called ‘Cognitive Dissonance’, which happens when we try and maintain two conflicting thoughts, which are usually what we want to believe and what we know is true. A simple example would be dearly wanting to believe we’re the greatest parents ever, and clear evidence that we aren’t. The usual outcomes of this dissonance are negative, such as frustration and anger.

In a similar manner, we have our ways of being on one hand, and how our being wants to be, on the other.

The core of our beings and the natural state of the universe resonates with happiness. Flowers bloom, ecosystems flourish, the cycles of nature carry on in all their splendor.

Most of us though only rarely feel that pure happiness, the joy of being alive, of being able to feel and see and taste and sense and more.

I want you to sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, and remember the last time you were happy; really, really happy. I want you to smile a big smile when you remember that time, and ask yourself what it takes to be happy because you’re you, being where you are and what you are. That deep, bubbling joy at being a part of a wonderful world and nurturing the cradle of hope inside you.

Reach within and find that happiness and then open your eyes, and feel just how innocent nature is, how neutral everything around us is, influenced by our own emotions towards desired outcomes.

Imagine how things could be different when we apply happiness, truth, purity and clarity to our actions, and let your smile widen, as you see the world for what it really is.

Resonate with how you were meant to be – happy. Resonate with how the universe always is – happy. Resonate with how you feel right now – happy.

Have a lovely week, knowing that happiness is infectious.

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