IF90 Public Program: Week 4

Hello! You’ve made it past week 1, 2, and 3. Welcome to the 4th week of the program. If you have made it this far, you will definitely be able to complete this last week, as this week is going to be easier than week 3 and tougher than week 2.

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This week is how I’d like you to try living the rest of your life? Do you think that’s tough? Let’s talk about it on the group.

Week 4
Fasting16 hours daily
+ 18 – 24 hour fast once a week
FoodsAs in Week 1
+ No roti/rice/grains/pasta etc for 4 meals this week
Steps10,000 daily
+ No elevator/lift use thrice a week
+ All exercise while fasting
ChallengeStart standing up without using your hands
+Drink at least 3 liters of water daily
+Practice touching your toes while standing
+Walk during phone calls, instead of sitting
Exercise100 skips
+30 stomach crunches (while fasting)
+30 minutes brisk walking (while fasting)
+3 Surya Namaskars this week
Self AwarenessTrance, Basic Technique; Practice
+Meditative Trance Using Sounds
+Meditative Trance Using Visuals
+Virtual Home
+How to handle stray thoughts
EducationMacro and Micro Nutrients
+The Causes of Cravings
+Emotions, Eating, Conditioning & Will Power
+Dealing with Anger
  1. This time, we’ll try and avoid grains, flours and explicit carbs in 4 meals this week – any meals you want, but it has to be a main meal, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  2. All your exercise this week should be done whilst fasting.
  3. Start a meditative journal if you can
  4. Definitely read the article on dealing with angers, as that’s one common situation when we break fasts and/or eat to excess.

We’re almost done, but it isn’t goodbye yet. 🙂

Please share all aspects of your program experience and whatever you would like your buddies to know on the IF90.fit Public Program group. Please use the #IF90 hashtag so we can find your posts easily. Your posts will also be invaluable to others who follow your journey.

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