IF90 Public Program: Week 2

Hello there and welcome to Week 2 of the IF90.fit Public Program!

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I hope you are staying strong and having fun with this program. Now that you are familiar with your situation and the general program guidelines to follow, we will introduce a few things you could try. By following these exercises, you will open yourself to new experiences and see all that you are capable of doing.

This article contains small challenges for Week 2. Note that Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 are entirely based on Week 1. If you aren’t familiar with Week 1 yet, please read it before continuing this one.

Week 2
Fasting14 – 16 hours daily
FoodAs in Week 1
+ No roti/rice/grains for one day
Steps7,000 – 10,000 daily
+ No elevator/lift use for one day
ChallengeAs in Week 1
+ Drink at least 3 liters of water a day
+ Eat only raw food on Thursday
ExerciseAs in Week 1
+ 30 stomach crunches a day
Self AwarenessAs in Week 1
+ Meditative Trance using Sounds
+ Meditative Trance using Visuals
EducationAs in Week 1
+ The Causes of Cravings

Reminder: Please read Week 1 if you haven’t done so yet, before reading this article.

#RawThursday is spearheaded by Sonalee Bhattacharya, when we eat everything that hasn’t been touched by flame or any kind of processing. Think of salads, vegetables, dairy and all manner of foods and I’m sure you’ll feel light even before you’re done thinking.

All the best for week 2! Remember to fill in the following form, so we can monitor your progress.

Weekly 1 Progress Update

If you haven’t yet joined the IF90.fit Public Program group, please do so by clicking here, and make your progress public by sharing to the group, every program guideline you’ve accomplished, along with the #IF90 hashtag.

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