IF90 Public Program: Week 1

If you’re reading this, you received a mail with the password to this post, and I thank you for signing up for the IF90 4 Week Challenge.

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Lifestyle change involves many aspects of our being, and most of us are aware of most of them. Changing all of them at the same time however, can be tough.


Week 1 Guidelines

Week 1
Fasting12 to 14 hours daily
FoodVegetables, Green Leafy Vegetables, Lentils, Legumes, Dairy, Fruits, Whole Grain, Flour + 1 portion of chicken (if non-vegetarian)
Steps5,000 to 7,000 daily
ChallengeStart standing up without using your hands
ExerciseSkipping, 100, daily
Self AwarenessPlease read: Trance, Basic Technique; Practice
EducationPlease read: Macro and Micro Nutrients

During this program, I’ll make it easy for you to make definite progress towards real lifestyle change. All you have to do is follow every step of the guidelines – no procrastination. Please keep in mind, that everything I ask of has a definite purpose.

  1. Do the task, earn a victory
  2. Share your victory, ensure the next one

This means, each time you do a task, you’ve earned a private victory. You should make your victory public by sharing it on the IF90.fit or the IF90.fit Public Program groups. Sharing it is the first of many such private and public victories. Remember to add the #IF90 hashtag to your posts, so I can find them among the others.

Every line in the table isn’t explained below, some being self explanatory. If you have questions, please ask in the IF90 Public Program group.


The fasting hours refer to the total number of hours you’re going to spend only drinking water, black/green tea, or black coffee, without any additives whatsoever, even if it has zero calories. If you’re still in doubt, please read this article.

Start your fast after your last meal/drink in the evening, and continue for the number of hours suggested while drinking plenty of water along the way.

For example, to fast for 12 hours, finish your last meal/drink at 8 pm and then fast until 8 am. You can choose any window of time you wish.

I’m sure many of us can do more than the suggested duration for the week.

Remember, lifestyle change is a marathon, not a sprint. It isn’t as much about reaching the finish line for individual goals, as it is about reaching that line every single day.

Share your achievement day by posting a message to the IF90 Public Program group, using the hashtag #IF90.


Starting week 2, we’ll have a challenge each week, that will be based on the following basic pattern of food. I won’t share the challenge now, but be prepared!

Please note, this program does not send you individual meal plans, but encourages you to eat in healthier manner.

At least half of your meal should be vegetables and green leafy vegetables and most of the other half, lentils/legumes, and then some dairy, such as curd/yogurt. Add a portion of chicken if you’re a non-vegetarian. Substitute the chicken with a portion of grilled fatty fish (basa, catfish, rupchanda…) 2 – 3 times a week if possible.

I suggest the smallest part of your meal be rice, roti etc. Yes, it may take some getting used to. Keep your total quantity of butter, ghee oil to between 10 – 20 grams per day.

Quite a few people don’t eat rajma/choley (kidney beans/chickpeas) regularly. They’re great for you! I always have some soaked and they’re always a part of the single meal I eat each day.

I also encourage you to eat whole grains (not flour) such as millet. Use fruits as snacks during your eating window.

Try to exclude rice, rotis, pasta, sweets etc. from your last meal before your fast begins. Load up on vegetables, green leafy vegetables and lentils.

If you’re able to stick to the pattern above and include the recommended portions of all the groups, share your achievement with us by posting a picture of your plate, including #IF90 in your post. Post to the IF90.fit – Public Program group.


Install Google Fit (Android | Apple) on your phones if you don’t already have a step tracker, and complete your daily target as mentioned in the table above.

You can walk around the house, out in the park, while shopping, on a treadmill, anywhere.

Share a screenshot of your daily achievement every day, by posting to the IF90 Public Program group, using the hashtag #IF90.


When most of us stand up from a sitting position, we tend to use our hands for support, by placing them on the bed, chair handles, thighs etc. This week, please avoid using your hands, instead using the core of your body to do so.

All the very best. I hope this program brings a little more wellness to your life.

If you have any health condition that needs a doctor’s attention, please share this post with them and obtain permission prior to starting.

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