Affirmation #5: The Spark of Life

I have eternal grace,
The spark of life always dances within,
I am unique in who I am.

Grace isn’t necessarily physical and is present even in the act of routine existence. It is present in how we balance our bank accounts month to month and somehow manage to provide our kids with that little something extra and yet save a bit.

It is reflected in having had a tough day and yet drawing energy from someplace within and giving of ourselves to our families when they ask for it.

We do this virtual dance with the many elements in our lives, some that give and some that take, the essences of our being swirling and prancing and pirouetting and weaving through them, never letting them snag us, and when they do, we get up, pat off the dust, and swing back into the thick of life and keep going on and on as long as we can.

Isn’t that grace too?

In the midst of that dance of life, we might sometimes forget that we have unique qualities that can help us break out and truly live, not just survive or exist.

Having said that, let’s not trivialize our survival. Our very existence matters to some, whom we may not even know. Apart from those who depend on us, by just being ourselves, we inspire and motivate others around us, something they’ve never shared with us, just the way we’re inspired by others, who we’ve never told.

This week, I want you to tell someone how they matter to you. It doesn’t matter if you barely know them. Everyone is dancing the dance on the stages of their own lives, and to break out of that dance and become the directors of the show, they need that spark to be kindled by something.

When we share with people, how they effect our lives, our affirmation is the kindling that could turn their spark into a raging fire, which could give them the much needed push to harness their uniqueness.

After you’ve put down the phone, you’ll feel a warm glow inside of you, from the realization that you might just have changed a life, that your call may have been the motivation someone needed to change tracks.

I want you to amplify and feel that glow, and push yourself to look within and realise that you too are someone who has changed lives, who sustains life; recognise your unique abilities and begin thinking of yourself, just yourself, and figure out how you’re going to direct the show and let someone else do the dance for once.

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