Affirmation #2: Peace

I have inner peace and silence,
I own complete tranquility,
I approach my day, calm and open.

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This affirmation is about the stresses we face each day, which sometimes makes us less than enthusiastic about getting out of bed each morning. There can be many reasons for feeling this way. Perhaps the stresses actually exist, or maybe they only exist in our minds. Maybe what we’re feeling has more to do with our emotions than the situation. It also happens a lot of the time, that we feel down without any reason at all. There’s also the times the stresses are small and we treat them as far bigger.All we can do, is to look at every new situation calmly and objectively, treating it as completely new, without any baggage. Baggage can be past precedents and also current feelings and more. Repeat this affirmation as many times in a day as you like, taking a minute or so to immerse yourself in it. It might be a nice idea to try this approach:

  • see yourself bathed in a golden glow, in any position or place of your choosing
  • visualize a smooth brow
  • imagine your eyes gazing upon the world, looking at everything as a whole and taking it all in and observing, without an interest in any particular aspect or area
  • see a smile at the tips of your lips, for the world around you is a pleasing sight and a pleasure to be a part of
  • feel your regular, slow breathing
  • observe the silence within; a complete lack of conclusions, fears, anticipations, co-relations, analysis – just observation of the world around you
  • take in your environment, the sights, the sounds
  • know that you’re ready to take on the day, treating each new task as a completely new task
  • know that you will succeed.

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