Affirmation #3: Love

I see the rising sun,
I rejoice every new day,
Each day full of love.

With the increasing pace of our lives and rising stress levels, the first thing that appears to go flying out the window, is love. It’s not that we become incapable of experiencing it; we just seem to stop looking for it, or maybe even actively ignoring the emotion. Maybe it is about preventing ourselves from being hurt? We’ll never know the exact reason as we’re all different, unique beings. The best thing we can do to find out, is experience and observe ourselves, without being in a hurry to reach a conclusion.

Having said that, I believe we remain very sensitive towards love nonetheless, melting in the face of a beautiful view from our windows – sunrises, sunsets, the sight, sound and smell of falling rain – maybe we should look out more often? It doesn’t stop there – animals hugging each other in forwarded videos, shared stories of kindness, visible dedication by humans and animals and more – each such instance evokes this overwhelming wave of love for a stranger, an unknown being.

But I digress. Coming back to the affirmation, the rising sun is a symbol of a brand new day, evidence of our being alive – which is the greatest gift of all, its delicate light casting soft shadows all around, bathing our worlds in the many hues of gold.

Sunrise is a time for being thankful for being able and capable, for being around for our loved ones, for being thankful for our loved ones being around us, for having the ability to earn, to learn and to grow in so many ways.

Sunrise is a time to express our love for ourselves, for others, for the world as a whole, including every living thing that exists; to express gratitude for whatever degree of comfort we possess, to experience hope for the future – hope based on the undeniable fact that it isn’t over until it’s over because we have abilities and skills.

Sunrise is when we can experience and reinforce this wide range of emotions and feelings, all enabled if we allow just a little love to seep in each morning.

Close your eyes, feel a warm embrace, the tightness of a hug, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, let out that breath slowly, smile, count your blessings and all the reasons you have for being hopeful of an even better tomorrow, and all the reasons you’re thankful for being alive today.

Open your eyes to a beautiful, wonderful world, and it’s all yours.

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