Affirmation #1: Joy

The purpose of these affirmations is to tell ourselves something, remind our inner selves of a quality we have, give us hope for tomorrow, bring calm, instill peace.

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A radiant light shines upon me,
showing me how to bloom.
I am on the path to joy.


Over time, we seem to need more reasons to be joyful, both in number and in intensity. A good, hearty laugh is usually a not-so-recent memory and the exhilarating thrill of pure joy is reserved for occasions like purchasing a new car or receiving a promotion. Looking a little closer, I find our reasons for happiness and joy seem to be linked more and more to factors outside of us.

Why do we need factors outside of ourselves to be the sole reasons for our joy? Is the approval of others so very central to our existence? Is the acquisition of new things so important to us?

That’s where gratitude comes into the picture.

While we don’t have to reject the external and there’s certainly reason to be happy if we’re able to afford a snazzy new car, there are other considerations too. There are aspects of our life, entities internal to us, that we are thankful for. We tend to ignore these in our pursuit of the external.
Our children are healthy and happy. Our partners are happy to be with us. Our parents are in good health. Our friends and families prosper and grow. We ourselves are healthy, and alive, and blessed with a number of skills and talents to leverage for our futures in addition to being a part of so many journeys – our own and those of others. These are reasons to be happy, joyous and thankful.

We tend to reserve our celebrations for milestones along our journeys and the destinations we’re aiming for, seeming to regard the journey itself as a nuisance.

Rarely in our lives do we embark on journeys without cause. If we don’t know the deeper cause for one or more of the many journeys we’re a part of, we’ll know it in the future. It is the journey that teaches us how to handle and appreciate the destination. Without the journey, the destination has no sustained meaning, apart from a fleeting sense of accomplishment.

We’re lucky to be a part of every single journey in our lives, and thankful for those who travel with us. The journey could be an assignment at work, a relationship with a family member or an educational course.

Receiving an educational degree without having gone through the journey of studying wouldn’t be of much use, for instance.

Of all the reasons I mentioned, would we give up a single one of them in exchange for a new phone? If not, they must then be reasons to be joyful about. All the reasons we have to be happy are blessings upon us, for which a feeling of gratitude is natural.


Imagine waking up in a cold room, on a cold winter morning, stiff and chilled. You pull aside the curtains and and open a window. A beam of warm, golden sunlight streams upon your cold face. You close your eyes and feel the sunlight warming your cheeks, feeling the glow upon your lips and ears and the tip of your nose. You see the golden light behind your closed eyelids and enjoy the sensation of being warmed. You breathe in the cool, morning air, chilling your nostrils and yet your face is warm. You didn’t ask for anything and yet you’re receiving life-giving warmth. You smile at the sun; a bright, happy smile. It’s a wonderful, wonderful morning and a great day is about to begin. You’re happy just to be alive and surrounded by a happy family. You’re happy because there’s hope in your life towards the tomorrow you dream of. You open your eyes, look upon the world outside your window and can’t wait to start your bright, beautiful day.

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