Affirmation #1: Joy

The purpose of these affirmations is to tell ourselves something, remind our inner selves of a quality we have, give us hope for tomorrow, bring calm, instill peace. One affirmation will be shared each Monday on our intermittent fasting and wellness groups on FB, and as they’re shared there, I’ll update this post.

A radiant light shines upon me,
showing me how to bloom.
I am on the path to joy.

To use affirmations, initially, you’ll have to read it aloud from this post. I want you look at and read every word, slowly, pronounce it carefully, preferably in a place and time of quiet.

When you’ve memorized it, look at the mirror, look into your eyes and repeat it, slowly, meaning every word, believing every line, visualizing it in your own special way. At some times, you could close your eyes to experience the visualization better

Later, say it a few times a day whenever you like, perhaps when you need a little strengthening.

I wrote these affirmations by paraphrasing sections of the Pagan Book of Words by Eliza Fegley.

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