Walking as a step towards holistic health

Walking a few kilometers per week is the best thing you can do to manage stress, the fresh breeze and greenery in a park or places nearby your home is what you should explore, whenever you have an hour in your hands, sneak into your walking shoes and dash off. A brisk 30 minute walk is better than sitting before the television.

A brisk walk will tone your body muscles and keep you in great shape. You could burn some calories and it will eventually result in maintaining your ideal body weight, elevate your mood, and you get a breath of fresh air
It improves overall health.

A walk in the huge park filled with exotic trees which bloom in spring is a delight to watch, it is such a wonderful sight, the pink, yellow, lavender, red and pure white fragrant flowers attracting bees, butterflies, birds, squirrels and people who love nature.

Select a peaceful serene place to sit and relax, after a 20 minutes or 30 minutes brisk walk you should silently sit in a bench, under a tree or even on the lawn, cool off your body and close your eyes, enjoy the sorroundings, the birds chirpping, gentle breeze, the chilled grass with the morning dew, the intention is to get connected with mother earth.

That 30 minutes or one hour you spend should be free from mobiles and other devices. Use your ear to identify the gentle sounds around. You will be amazed to know it’s a soothing experience.


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