My Secret to Creating a Happy Mind

According to many reports, domestic violence is at its peak these days. The lock-down has led to an outburst of anger, frustration and anxiety.

The greatest way to deal with all of these bottled emotions is to talk it out in a manner by which we become less aggressive, reduce stress for ourselves and others, and find happiness around us.

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I have started to practice simple yoga and it’s such a stress buster.

Start a new hobby- whether it’s reading, writing, drawing, cooking, or even playing some old games, What’s important is that whatever you do, calms you.

This phase will end, but the impact of your anger on your loved ones won’t. So speak gently, forgive others, and be compassionate. Love unconditionally, dance like nobody’s watching. Enjoy the rain, enjoy refreshing walks, drink plenty of water, keep yourself fit. Thank your stars that you and your family are safe and secure.

Life is unpredictable. Be kind to yourself.

Talking to one of my friends who was looking for a peaceful place to stay away from a stressful life, I could have suggested exploring the Himalayas, after all, I myself have gone through the same stresses. And yet, after spending a few days in the lap of the Himalayas I came to realize that I can be at peace even within the four walls of my home; it’s all in our minds. Nothing external, it’s all within you and me.

Happiness is a choice.

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