Vegetarian Meal Plan for Weight Maintenance

This plan is for a male, aged between 31 to 50 years, with a basal metabolic rate of 1512 calories. If used by a similar individual with a higher BMR, it will cause short term weight loss if used for a month or more though this isn’t recommended as other parameters, such as protein requirement may not match. I suggest practising Intermittent Fasting alongside for the possibility of inch and weight loss.

It delivers 1494 calories of energy, via a pure vegetarian set of ingredients. It includes medium carbs, enough fibre and sufficient protein for an active individual. The plan has two deficiencies. All these details are mentioned in the document below.

Please read the entire document carefully and thoroughly; most questions are answered within.

This plan is a subset of the one shared with clients of my 90 Day Wellness Program. Sign up for a 3 month progression towards a healthier lifestyle.


4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Meal Plan for Weight Maintenance

  1. Hello Sir, I am helping my husband to Loose some weight , He is doing 6 on 6 offs Job , And his shift is like straight 12 hrs and he is having a sitting job , Due to that he is gaining lots of weight , right now he is around 123 kgs , He is having fatty lever too… I am so worried for him, He is not going to gym and Not doing any exercise too… Can i change his diet ?? Is that possible to loose weight just after changing diet plan? Please help sir.

    1. Yes, it is likely possible for your husband to lose weight. We have responded to you by email. Please check your mail.

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