Aloe Vera and Diabetes

Aloe Vera is a succulent, evergreen, perennial plant that grows wild in tropical climes. Can it be useful for diabetics – help in the controlling of high blood sugar and decrease time taken for wound healing among other aspects?

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There are a number of studies that believe aloe vera can indeed help with lowering blood sugar diabetic patients. Please know, a number of these studies are on non-human models. Please read the references and speak with your doctor before changing your lifestyle or altering your medication, routine or diet.

Going by the findings, it appears that aloe vera, and in some cases, in combination with other plant extracts, can help diabetic patients in the following ways.

  • Reduction / maintenance of blood glucose​1–8​
  • Improved healing of wounds​9​
  • Protection to the liver​10​

In light of the above, would you consider consuming aloe vera as a part of your daily diet? Do share your thoughts in the comments.


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