Why Celebrity Nutritionists aren’t Worth Following

When I refer to ‘Celebrity Nutritionists’, I’m speaking of nutritionists to celebrities, who appear to acquire a God-like status because they helped so-and-so celebrity, perhaps an actor, achieve something, say a really small dress size.

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1 – Nutrition, is Nutrition

Nutrition is the same regardless of your bank account or fan following. That our nutritional education is very poor is another thing. If you find a nutritionist sufficiently passionate about the subject and conscientious enough to ensure their knowledge is accurate and up to date, stick with them!

The principles of nutrition are the same for your body as they are for a celebrity’s body, and they mean the same thing when spoken by a knowledgeable person or by a nutritionist to the stars.

If a movie star has lost weight, they’ve done so by caloric deficits, sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices and a balanced diet. Guess what? When you lose weight, you’ll also do so by caloric deficits, sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices and a balanced diet.

Amazing huh?

2 – A Matter of Resources

Unless you’re loaded (with money), you’re probably like the rest of us with limited resources. Having a little extra in the finance department can make a fair bit of difference during stressful times. All of us go through stress, including celebrities; the differences lying in causes, intensity, duration and handling. I’m making an assumption here that the average celebrity has more resources than the average fan.

You have to cook for yourself and your family. A celebrity hires a chef. You can rarely take time off work to relax – the grind almost never stops, nor do the EMIs. A celebrity usually has a choice. You cannot choose the best products for yourself and your family; you buy what you can afford. A celebrity can afford the best. You have to choose between your health and various other elements in your life that have high priority, such as house loans, savings, school fees and so on. A celebrity can afford to prioritise their health.

I’m sure you’ll come up with more examples.

3 – Fewer Compromises

In the case of celebrities, there are far fewer compromises to be made; the best of everything is available, instructions can be followed to the letter and so on.

With you and me, we’ll consider the cost of various foods, the time we can spend on our own health and the equipment we can buy to aid our wellness journeys among others.

Most of us therefore, end up following the middle path between what we do and what we have been asked to do. Celebrities have the wherewithal to ensure what they do is exactly what they’ve been asked to do. Whether they do or not, is a choice that the rest of us simply do not have.

4 – Direct Investment

For most celebrities, a healthy body is a direct investment toward their careers. For the rest of us, with with the exception of some professionals, our health rarely affects our work; unless of course, we’re quite ill due to a badly maintained body, which is another thing.

Our health is an indirect investment into our lives and professions. That we really should prioritise it above all else is nice in theory, but very difficult in practice.

5 – Child’s Play

Given that nutrition is the same for all human bodies, and the average celebrity has more resources than the average citizen, it’s just so much simpler to achieve results.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say, it’s ridiculously simple. When I ask a client to consider a good supplement, she almost never purchases the great one suggested and ends up choosing a lower, cheaper grade. My clients are usually asked to give me an hour of walking each day, and more than 60% simply do not have the time to do so, for reasons of work or home. If my charts contain foods that the client doesn’t know how to cook, she usually doesn’t, instead substituting it with something else.

Apart from matters of cooperation and attitude, it’s relatively simple to achieve results with celebrity clients. The best products can be used, the foods suggested are cooked and consumed in the manner suggested, some timings need a bit of juggling and that’s that.

But where have I learnt the most from? From clients who are regular, everyday people – those who need foods in their charts that the rest of the family can eat too, so they don’t have to double their cooking and shopping load; those who need help with cooking certain ingredients they haven’t tried before; those who I need to dig into studies for to help them cope with different stresses using nutrition. To solve real people’s real world problems.

One such celebrity nutritionist says some really dumb things, most of which are dangerously incomplete, edited for mass agreement, not accuracy. These statements promote ignorance by only looking inward. They also appear designed to ride the swadesi wave so most people begin nodding with nostalgia and national pride. Our agreeing with something doesn’t make it right, and our disagreement with something else doesn’t make it wrong.

To these utterances, I have only one thing to say. If we eat everything our ancestors ate, without following the rest of their lifestyle, we’ll soon be what our ancestors are – dead.

In Conclusion

Before concluding, please know that all of us have stresses and difficult lives – celebrities and non-celebrities. This article is about a health versus resources perspective and isn’t meant in any way to depict celebs as anything less than human or as stress-free individuals without a care in the world.

Taking charge of your health does mean reading, but please – ignore the celebrity nutritionists and start reading real papers with real knowledge in them. If you don’t have the time, don’t read anything at all, but whenever you do, please, read the right stuff.

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