Is your daily peg destroying your diet?

Suresh K. is your everyday chap, working as a manager in a shipping company. He’s 35 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall and has been putting on little bits of extra weight over the years. He should be around 70 kilos, but is 85 kilos and needs to lose 15 kilos.

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His wife, Gayathri, did her reading and research and put together a plan to help him shed his extra kilos. She ensures his daily meals add up to 1,500 calories a day and that he walks briskly for an hour each day. According to her calculations, in about 10 months, Suresh will be at a healthy weight.

Suresh also likes his me-time in the evenings, when he has 2 pegs of rum (Old Monk) with a can each of coke, watches news debates and eats a quarter pack of dry roasted peanuts while he’s at it. When done, he finishes the platter Gayathri prepares for him and after playing some games on his phone and a bit of chatter with the wife, is ready for bed. Suresh treasures this part of his routine, and actually fought with Gayathri to keep it untouched, which she reluctantly agreed to.

Suresh’s weight loss diet works on the basis of creating a daily caloric deficit of 732 calories each day – about half from reducing his diet and about half from the daily exercise.

His me-time involves the following, from the caloric point of view:

  • Rum @ 65 calories per peg x 2 pegs = 130 calories [1]
  • Coke @ 139 calories per can x 2 cans = 278 calories [2]
  • Peanuts @ 644 calories per 100g x 50g = 322 calories [3]
  • Total: 730 calories

Doesn’t look like much, but Suresh’s evening schedule has wiped out his entire effort for the day! There’s no way he’s going to lose weight, despite Gayathri’s best efforts, unless this evening ritual is moderated. What he could do is:

  • Rum @ 65 calories per peg into 2 pegs = 130 calories
  • Coke @ 139 calories per can x 1 can = 139 calories (use soda instead)
  • Cucumber, tomato salad (100g each) = 28 calories [4]
  • Total: 297 calories

Now, ideally even that’s a bit much, given that half the day’s work is still not being utilised. Maybe Gayathri could get him to walk another hour?

What would you do?


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