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Question #19: How can I motivate myself to work out?

For most of us, the desire to lose weight is quite strong, surging upwards when we are dressing up, or unable to find our size in a store or exhausted with minor physical activity and so on. Since however most of us are largely, mostly balanced individuals, most of these desires and feelings end up getting normalised in our minds and we move on with the business of living our lives. Sometimes though, it’s good to be somewhat obsessed about things such as our health and wellness. I’m not asking you to become a fanatic, hence the use of the phrase, “somewhat obsessed”. So here are a few ways using which you could use to motivate yourself to work out.


  • Make a list of the reasons you want to exercise, keeping each reason concise, to perhaps 10 words each.
  • Assign a picture or Internet meme to each.
  • Assign a particular exercise to each.
  • Keep these pictures around places you frequent, such as the bathroom, bedroom mirror, work desk, kitchen and so on.
  • Each time you see any of them, resolve to exercise, perhaps even doing that exercise then and there if you can.
  • If you haven’t been exercising despite the pictures, tell yourself that you’ll try harder.
  • Commend yourself each time you complete a planned exercise session.
  • Do not assign reasons for or justify not doing so or defend yourself in any manner.


  • Each day, stand in front of the mirror and look at the parts of your body that need toning or slimming.
  • Imagine them the way you want them to be. Imagine yourself exercising those parts.
  • Zoom closer in your mind’s eye and imagine those parts moving, flexing, straining and tensing as you exercise them, perhaps glistening with sweat.
  • Imagine them getting stronger each day as you proceed to exercise them every day without fail.
  • Repeat daily.


  • Most of us tend to place our health at a lower priority than our families, careers etc. That doesn’t make sense, because we can’t possibly look after our families or careers from a wheelchair, sick bed or if dead. Only if we are healthy can we focus on the rest.
  • Repeat this to yourself each day. Do not justify why your health can be lower priority.


  • Exercise is a self-propagating loop. Due to various biochemical reasons, you will feel better, happier, satisfied and fulfilled after exercise. These feelings will help motivate you for the next session and so on.
  • Practice the buddy system – team up with someone and even if you don’t want to work out that day, knowing someone’s waiting for you may help. 

You always come first. Place your health at top priority by doing all three methods and you’ll find yourself to be healthier and happier. You will also likely find your families and careers doing better when you’re feeling better. Combine this with healthier eating and you’ll be on your way to better fitness than ever before!

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