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Question #18: Other than a poor lifestyle/dietary regimen, are there other underlying reasons for weight gain?

Ultimately, true weight gain, which is an increase in body fat/adipose tissue as opposed to an increase in muscle mass or water retention, can only happen due to caloric over-consumption or eating too much. There is simply no other way to gain weight!

For instance, in the case of PCOD/PCOS, weight gain appears primarily due to:

  • Lower metabolic rate that results in caloric over-consumption due to eating the same amounts as before. This results in increased weight gain. [3]
  • Dysfunctional appetite management due to which those afflicted with the condition do not feel as satiated after a meal as those without the condition, causing overeating and therefore caloric over-consumption. [4]
  • Increased resistance to insulin increases blood insulin levels [1] that cause additional blood glucose to be converted to and stored as body fat [2][3].

As you can clearly see, while the causes may be many, ultimately it boils down to how much we eat and therefore to a great extent, is in our hands. The first step in instances of medical issues is to make the derivation of pleasure from food an optional extra, rather than a compulsive requirement at every meal.


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