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Question #15: How to maintain weight loss?

Sustainable Health

The maintenance of weight loss requires us to continue the same patterns of eating and exercise using which we lost weight to begin with, with some adjustment for caloric content, so weight is maintained going forward, rather than lost.

It is important to lose weight using the right methods. Just as a criminal career may result in the quicker accumulation of money, without being a sustainable way of life, similarly, losing weight through unrealistic diets or without a proper understanding of how the body works among other unsustainable dietary practices will not help in the maintenance of lost weight or a healthy lifestyle. All your lost weight will definitely come back otherwise – there’s very little doubt there.

Just as we gain weight by eating more than what we burn, and lose weight by eating less than what we burn, we need to burn and gain calories in somewhat equal quantities to maintain our weight.

Remember, yo-yo diets or those that cause you to bounce back and forth between weight gain and weight loss, aren’t healthy for you. Take a realistic look at your goals, set targets for weight and time period, and go about losing weight in a manner that encourages you to enjoy your life as well as maintain a healthy body.

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