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Question #14: Should we stick to the same foods every day?

Sustainable Health

This really depends on individual to individual. Some of us are fine with eating the same foods each day, while others among us need something different each day. Having said that, I suggest getting an appropriate diet plan and following it on weekdays, relaxing somewhat on weekends. Remember, there’s a limit to what we can do on cheat days if we really want to lose weight.

Establish a routine where your regular, planned meals per the plan are first a source of nourishment and then a source of pleasure. Keep this thought conscious – meals are first about nutrition and sustenance for your body, then about pleasure.

You could consider using substitutions. For instance, we have an abundance of dal/lentils available to us. So, while each weekday lunch could include a bowl of dal, it doesn’t have to be the same kind. If you’re doing a bean salad, alternate between kidney beans/rajma, chickpeas/choley and other legumes.Similarly, substitute your vegetables too. This will keep the nutritional profile of your meals largely consistent while promoting some variety in taste and texture. 

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